(801) 356-2200 Provo
(208) 391-9911 Boise
(435) 363-6022 Logan

(801) 612-2200 Ogden
(801) 262-2200 SLC
(435) 216-7288 St. George

(801) 612-2200 Ogden
(801) 262-2200 SLC
(801) 356-2200 Provo
(208) 391-9911 Boise
(435) 363-6022 Logan
(435) 216-7288 St. George

Document Shredding Service
Document Shredding Service
Secure Shredding
Document Shredding Service
Document Shredding Service
Secure Shredding
Hard Drive Destruction
Secure Document Destruction

Secure Shredding

We can Shred it, Destroy it, Certify it, Recycle it and do it Fast
Document Destruction - Paper Shredding - Hard Drive Destruction - Certifications

Our shredding company provides document destruction and secure shredding services in the state of Utah, namely in Ogden, Salt Lake City, Provo, Logan, Orem, Davis County, Salt Lake County, Utah County and everywhere else in between.

We shred your documents on-site, at your location, in our Hammer-mill truck. Our truck produces the smallest shred size possible and it shreds at 5000 lbs. per hour. We provide security by running drug and background checks on all our employees. We take your documents’ security very seriously.

Your company records, information, financial papers, employee social security numbers and patient medical records are destroyed to comply with all federal and state document destruction laws. These laws include HIPPA, FACTA, Gram Bailey Leech and all other legislation. If you are not sure about these laws ask us and we will help you understand them. As well as adhering to the above legislation to keep you safe and helping you avoid any fines for improper disposal, at Shred Masters we follow all of the guides set by NAID, National Association for Information Destruction. The disposal of shredded records also follows strict guidelines. All your documents and records are not only destroyed by secure shredding but the paper is then pulped and cleaned before being recycled into paper towels and other paper products. Your protection and confidentiality is our highest priority, and we want to be your number one official shredding solution.

We are here to protect your personal identity and to keep identity theft from becoming a problem in your life, your patients’, and your employees’. We offer you convenient peace of mind. All employees at Shred Masters must pass a drug test and criminal background check. Our drivers have picture ID badges and must wear them.

If you are using other service providers like Cintas, Certified, Shred-it, American, Iron Mountain or any other company please ask for the console comparison chart and find out why Shred Masters is a better value. Our executive consoles’ volume is higher than any other executive console.

When it comes to paper shredders we're your #1 choice.
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  • Convenient scheduling. Reliable service. Friendly drivers -Byron B

  • They take care of securely getting rid of sensitive documents. -Craig

  • They provide the secure containers and then come to our facility and shred the documents onsite. –Gayle W

  • Shred Masters was punctual and professional. They got the job done quickly and were very polite! –Lindsay Dunn

  • Shred Masters is so efficient and they take good care of our company, no matter when I call and need extra shredding they are always will to assist. -M. Rivera

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