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(801) 612-2200 Ogden
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(208) 391-9911 Boise
(435) 363-6022 Logan
(435) 216-7288 St. George

Document Shredding Service
Document Shredding Service
Secure Shredding
Document Shredding Service
Document Shredding Service
Secure Shredding
Hard Drive Destruction
Secure Document Destruction

Paper Shredding in Logan

Paper Shredding in LoganPaper shredding in Logan is simple! We can come to you when it’s convenient, or you can drive right up to one of our drop-off locations. All of your documents, data and hard drives are safely and securely destroyed for your peace of mind. If you have questions about our on-site services or the drop-off process, call our office today.

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Logan Paper Shredding Services

Have you been putting off paper shredding because it’s a hassle? You finished your taxes or cleaned out the filing cabinet and page by page you feed it through a tiny home office shredder that jams every 10th page… Sound familiar? Do not waste your time with inefficient shredders - in fact, identity thieves can still retrieve your information from the bags of shredded paper you throw out!

What do we do differently? Whether you come to one of our drop-off locations or schedule a service at your facility, all documents are placed in a secure document container and destroyed on-site in our state of the art Hammermill truck. Your paper is shredded, but then we take an extra step - the shredded paper is pulped and cleaned before eventually being recycled. This process leaves absolutely no chance that sensitive information could be retrieved off the paper. We also add another layer of security by running background checks and drug tests on all of our employees. You can visit the security page on our website to see exactly who will be handling your documents. If you have any questions about paper shredding in Logan, contact us today.

Paper Shredding Map of Logan

Logan Data Destruction Company

With our paper shredding services, you safely and securely destroyed all important documents in your home and business. Could there be something you missed that also has sensitive and confidential information on it? Your hard drives, USB drives, credit cards, insurance cards, to name a few, all need to be disposed of properly to reduce the risk of identity theft, and in some case, make sure you are in compliance with federal law.

When you are ready to dispose of hard drives or any type of computer media, it is crucial that you follow the steps to do it securely to protect yourself, your family, and your business from identity thieves who are just waiting to pounce. We physically destroy the hard drive, USB drive, or other media device, making data recovery impossible. We have never had a security breach and no data entrusted to us has ever been compromised.

If you are ready to set up a scheduled on-site shredding service, or would like more information on our drop-off locations, please give us a call.

Hassle-free paper shredding in Logan
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When you need paper shredding in Logan, Preston, or surrounding areas, we are only one phone call away!

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  • Convenient scheduling. Reliable service. Friendly drivers -Byron B

  • They take care of securely getting rid of sensitive documents. -Craig

  • They provide the secure containers and then come to our facility and shred the documents onsite. –Gayle W

  • Shred Masters was punctual and professional. They got the job done quickly and were very polite! –Lindsay Dunn

  • Shred Masters is so efficient and they take good care of our company, no matter when I call and need extra shredding they are always will to assist. -M. Rivera

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